Santiago’s amazing green areas

7 parks located in the city of Santiago that stand out for its wide urban green areas, special activities or origins out of the ordinary

Parques en Santiago de Chile
Constanza López | Flickr

Chile’s capital is the city with the largest population and density of the whole country, making it necessary to create areas designated as an escape from the hectic urban life, while also bringing families and friends together in a natural and peaceful environment.

Santiago’s Metropolitan Park

It is commonly known as «San Cristóbal Hill», it is one of the 5 biggest urban parks in the world, covering 4 different communes of the city. With 1,785 hectares, the park has two swimming pools, a zoo, a botanical garden, a Japanese garden and a sanctuary at the top dedicated to the Immaculate Conception Virgin, where you can have a panoramic view of the city of Santiago.

It also has two major attractions; the funicular and the cable car. The first corresponds to a type of train that travels up a hillside and reaches the top, and the second is an air transport consisting of small cars hanging from electric cables. The park has also became very popular among cyclists and it is common to find them every day pedaling towards the sanctuary.

Bicentenario Park

A public park located in the commune of Vitacura, that covers more than 300.000 square meters. Within the structure of the park it is possible to find a amphitheatre with a capacity for ten thousand people, a dog park, bike lanes, two artificial lagoons where it is possible to see flamingos , and a garden for blind people, created to ensure the participation of the visually impaired visitors into the social and cultural activities. There is also a restaurant called «Mestizo» inside the park, that stands out for its modern architecture.

O’Higgins Park

It is one of the biggest and more visited park of the Metropolitan Region, not only because of its green areas, but also for its cultural value. Since before the XX century, it has been considered one of the most popular sites where to celebrate our National Holidays, con big «ramadas», «fondas» and the official site where the Military Parade takes place. The park also has a multipurpose theatre named «Movistar Arena», where several concerts and events of great magnitude are held. Artificial lagoons, children’s playgrounds, picnic areas and a skatepark can also be found within the park.

André Jarlan Park

Located in Pedro Aguirre Cerda, the park covers a total of 10 hectares. It was built over an organic material’s garbage dump, that after a municipal project was transformed into a park that nowadays receives thousands of families. The park has several picnic areas, kids’ playgrounds, and a small skate park. There are 12 different types of chilean native trees planted throughout the park.

Padre Renato Poblete Fluvial Park

It is the only urban fluvial park of the whole country and it is popularly known as «navigable mapocho», this is because it allows the use of kayaks and sailing boats. The park has three sluice gates that recollect the water that comes from the Mapocho River, that after being filtered it becomes perfect for sailing. There is also an outdoor amphitheatre, two football fields, children playground and picnic areas.

Padre Hurtado Park

It was formerly known as the «Intercomunal de La Reina», with a total of 98 hectares it is considered among the biggest parks of the city. It has a special site to make barbecues, along with picnic areas and a lagoon, making it really popular for those who live in the nearby communes. During the last couple of years it has turned into a popular site for big events, such as traditional fairs and music festivals.

Mahuida Park

It is located at the foothill of the city of Santiago, covering 170 hectares. Its natural environment allows the practice of different recreational spaces, such as football and rugby fields, picnic areas, rodelbahn, adventure farm and a horseback riding club. Within the park it is possible to find the Vertigo Park, a center dedicated to entertain visitors through activities such as canopy, paintball, swing and trekking paths.