Santiago’s Ñuñoa installs 10,000 new energy-saving streetlights

Chile is going green one neighborhood at a time, with the barrio going energy efficient by changing thousands of street lights. 


Santiago’s leafy neighborhood of Ñuñoa, around 30 minutes walk from the bright and happening Plaza Italia – an important gathering place for spontaneous celebrations of ‘chilenismo’ – has begun replacing the first 200 streetlights of 10,470 throughout the entire district.

The process is already well underway along streets such as Carlos Dittborn, Zañartu, Salvador, Los Jardines, and Emilia Téllez.

Just reaching the lights is no small job for the hardy workmen. Every street has to be fully cleared, the trees pruned, new cables installed – and all this after the manufacture of more than 10,000 lights.

The new lights mean that the district of Ñuñoa will now be fully lit at night while saving large amounts of energy costs at community level. The modification of lamps which already existed will account for around 25% energy savings within the community.

The installation shows Ñuñoa’s commitment to the development and strengthening of security in the district, while also caring for the environment.

The new lamps are high-tech installations that will reduce utility costs, increasing lighting efficiency by 40 percent. All new fittings are arranged in sectors where there is currently no light installation, and some will be donated to poorer communities.