Scenic Route National Parks, Lakes and Volcanoes

A new route that promises to charm national and foreign visitors; while boosting tourism and the economic market of three regions of the country.

Sitio Oficial Ruta Escénica Lagos y Volcanes

Sernatur and the Programa Transforma Turismo are aiming to consolidate this Scenic Route National Parks, Lakes and Volcanoes for the year 2025. The route will connect the regions of La Araucanía, Los Ríos and Los Lagos through a touristic circuit.

The Programa Transforma is an initiative that seeks to improve the competitive aspects of the Chilean economy through the development of strategic sectors. Changing the industry in terms of innovation, sophistication and sustainability. Currently, the program has a vast array of projects being implemented; this ambitious ideat is one of those.

The main goal of this new touristic route is to establish itself as a travel destination on its own, for both local and international visitors; and following the example of the Desert Route and the Carretera Austral, which are visited by thousands of people. In order to accomplish this, the project is emphasizing on the beauty of the landscapes and the patrimonial heritage of these regions.

This new circuit will be developed based on the Red Interlagos, which also travels across these three regions, and seeks to cover these areas through a road infrastructure and tourist equipment; along with a net of tourist services design to fulfil the requirements of this market. This new project extends for a total of 1.915 kilometers, consisting of 17 active volcanoes, 12 national parks and 48 hot springs. It includes the 26% of the national total of protected areas.

The project also considers among its attractions the cultural legacy of many different cultures. Such as the mapuche, that until this day inhabits La Araucanía Region, where is possible to admire their customs and traditions. On the other side, it also emphasizes on the different colonies that settled in the south of Chile; that had a great influence on their towns and cities.

Along with positioning this new route as an important attraction; it is expected, as a consequence of the previous, that new opening jobs will be available for the people of this area. This project will also bring many other benefits, such as the improvement of roads and paths that will allow those straggler locations a better connectivity with major cities.

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