Scholarships and Lodging

Not only are there undergraduate and post-graduate scholarships. There is a also a wide variety of lodging options.


Chile has signed free trade agreements with over 55 economies throughout the world, and this network of countries means an important cultural and social exchange in terms of government scholarships to citizens in the rest of the world. The number of foreign students interested in completing post-graduate and PhD programs in Chile has been constantly on the rise. 82.7% post-graduate programs are Master’s degrees and approximately 17.3% are PhDs.

The most renowned universities in Chile are Universidad de Chile, Universidad Católica de Chile, Universidad Austral de Valdivia and Universidad Católica de Valparaiso.

The Chilean State offers scholarships to foreigners through several institutions: mostly through Chile’s International Cooperation Agency (Agci) and the National Scientific and Technological Research Commission (Conicyt). However, there are other scholarships such as the Ministry of Education’s Juan Gómez Millas scholarship for Latin American students. Other international entities, foundations and funds are available for foreign students include the Interamerican Development Bank, the Organization of American States, The Ford Foundation and Laspau Scholarships, among others.

AGCI Scholarships
The Chilean government scholarships program features different categories: post-graduate scholarships, specifically for master’s degree studies, and scholarships for post-graduate diplomas and international courses. Scholarships for post-graduate diplomas are offered to highly-specialized foreign professionals who come to study a 4 to 6-week program that is part of the human resources training alternatives offered to foreigners by the Chilean government.

In turn, post-graduate scholarships are offered to foreign professionals completing master’s degrees at foreign universities. All scholarships cover living expenses, funding for books, thesis support, health insurance and university tuition.

How to apply: Post-graduate scholarships are only available for those programs published on the AGCI website. Post-graduate diploma scholarships are only available for those subjects included as part of the annual scholarships provided by the Chilean government for the training of foreign human resources.

Application requirements are the following: a professional degree, a current job and prior acceptance by a Chilean university. Application forms are to be sent to the location indicated in the program, with a copy sent to the Chilean Embassy. The application form must be presented, together with a photocopy of the applicant’s professional degree, a letter of sponsorship form the institution where the applicant works, a medical certificate, an academic letter of reference, reasons why the applicant is interested in studying in Chile, and a final acceptance letter from university he or she wishes to attend.

The deadline for applications and sending in documentation is 3 January of each year, also considering deadlines established by countries invited to apply for scholarships. Post-graduate scholarship results are published on the AGCI website between the last week of January and the first week of February. For additional information, please contact AGCI, Phone: 56 – 2 – 8275700, E-Mail: Fernando Contreras, Department of Human Resources Training and Scholarships.

Conicyt Scholarships
246 scholarships were provided by means of the Conicyt Advanced Human Capital program in 2009, amounting to a total US$ 1.6 million, for PhD programs for Chilean students and outstanding foreigners who are not landed immigrants in the country. The benefits of these scholarships include living expenses, an annual sum paid to the scholarship recipient, monthly living expenses for each of the recipient’s children under the age of 18, and a monthly healthcare plan payment. These scholarships are provided for a maximum term of four years.

How to apply: Applicants for these scholarships should apply for Chilean university programs accredited or about to be accredited by Chile’s National Accreditation Commission (CNA-Chile). Applicants are required to have a master’s degree or professional degree requiring five years of university education. Applicants must also be regular students and be accepted, or in the acceptance process, for a Chilean PhD. Students may apply to a university of their choice, located in any city of Chile. For additional information, please contact the National Scientific and Technological  Research Commission, Conicyt. Canadá 308, Providencia, Santiago, Chile. Phone: 56 – 2 – 365 4400, Fax: 56 – 2 – 6551396

Juan Gómez Millas Scholarship
This scholarship is designed for needy foreign students from Latin America and the Caribbean who choose to further their university studies at a traditional or private institution accredited by the National Accreditation Commission as of 31 December 2008. This scholarship finances all or part of annual tuition with a maximum limit of CLP 1,150,000 (US$ 2,046). Documents required are those requested by the higher education institution the applicant wishes to attend. Applicants are to apply by means of the institution they wish to attend.