Scotland’s University of Edinburgh builds ties with U. de Chile

The Universidad de Chile was selected for its strong academic programs and world-class health and astronomy research centers.

Scotland’s University of Edinburgh and the Universidad de Chile may be physically miles apart, but their educational communities are now much closer thanks to a new collaborative partnership.

The Universidad de Chile is one of just three universities in Latin America that the University of Edinburgh has recently selected to establish deeper connections with, alongside the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México and the Universidade de São Paulo in Brazil. With the new partnership, the University of Edinburgh will encourage students to study abroad at the Universidad de Chile, and vice versa.

During a visit last month to the Universidad de Chile, University of Edinburgh Vice-Chancellor and President Sir Timothy expressed his desire to strengthen his university’s ties to the Universidad de Chile’s strong academic departments.

«I think the Universidad de Chile and the University of Edinburgh have much in common, especially their strengths in public affairs, politics and social sciences,» O’Shea said after an official meeting with Professor Sergio Lavandero, Vice President for Research and Development at Universidad de Chile.

During his visit, O’Shea also attended a seminar titled “Interdependence and Cooperation in the Global Fight Against Cancer” at the Universidad de Chile’s School of Public Health. Cancer, diabetes, and heart disease are all subjects of interest for future joint research projects between the two universities.

The strength and variety of Universidad de Chile’s research initiatives were also appealing to O’Shea.

«Other areas in which we share a strong relationship are marine energy and astronomy – especially the ALMA project. Professionals from the Institute for Astronomy at the University of Edinburgh are already working at this new facility» he said.

The Office of the Americas

University of Edinburgh’s Latin American partnerships are a part of the University’s Office of the Americas, a new branch of the school that recently opened in São Paulo, Brazil. The office aims to coordinate and promote the University’s involvement in innovation throughout Latin America, especially in regard to collaborative research, joint degree programs and the exchange of knowledge. The University also has a China Office and India Office.

Dalinda Perez Alvarez Rodriguez, the new Director of the Office of the Americas, sited Latin America’s immense economic potential as a driving factor behind the new facility.

“This is a hugely important investment by Edinburgh in what is one of the fastest-growing regions of the world, where high-quality higher education is playing a key role in development and growth,” Rodriguez said.