Sea kayak

Canoe and ocean are united in a trip that calms the spirit, surrounded by intense natural environs.


Practicing in the peaceful waters of lakes, bays, estuaries and channels provides a unique opportunity to admire the majestic Andes Mountains and virgin forest. However, the sea kayak is a variant that has gained in popularity thanks to all of the adrenaline and action that it provides.

This specialty can be practiced along almost the entire Chilean coast, for example near Isla Damas, where you can coexist with penguins, dolphins, and sea lions, or else among the islands of Chiloé, where you can observe and share the customs of the people of the sea.

Atacama and Elqui

In this area the use of sea kayaks is almost exclusively limited to the ocean, as the rivers do not have enough of a water flow. All of the alternatives are in the Fourth Region:

– Isla Damas
– La Paloma reservoir
– Puclaro reservoir
– Pichidangui Beach
– Guanaqueros Beach
– Tongoy Beach
– Los Molles Beach

Central Valley

You can use sea kayaks along most of the central coast. River flows become stronger in this region, and the first lakes and lagoons – artificial or natural – begin to appear, which can be navigated in both sea kayaks as well as in river kayaks.

– Beaches in Algarrobo, Quintero and Concón, Valparaiso Region.
– Laguna Aculeo, Lake Rapel, El Yeso Reservoir, Metropolitan Region.
– Cachapoal and Maule Rivers, Rapel Lake, Libertador B. O’Higgins Region.
– Colbún and Vichuquén Lakes, Maule Region.

Lakes and Volcanoes

This part of Chile boasts a myriad of lakes and lagoons where kayaking can be practiced:

– Laguna del Laja and Lake Lleu Lleu, Bío Bío Region.
– Conguillío, Villarica, Caburga, and Colico Lakes, Araucanía Region.
– Calafquén, Neltume, Pirihueico, Panguipulli, Riñihue, Ranco, Llanquihue, Todos los Santos, and Chapo Lakes,  Los Lagos Region.
– Chiloé Archipelago


Some of the enchantment of this land of legends lies with its virgin nature and abundant water fauna, including the chance to row near whales and dolphins, or else the search for hot spring pools.

– Pumalín Fjords, Yelcho Lake and River, Futaleufú River, Palena Lake and River. Los Lagos Region.
– Aysén River, Lake General Carrera, Lake Bertrand, Baker River, Tortel Fjords and channels, Aysén Region.
– Serrano River, Magallanes Region.
– Cape San Isidro, Cape Froward, Francisco Coloane Marine Park. Magellan Strait. Magallanes Region.