Seven Chilean universities among Latin America’s top 50

Chile’s popular study-abroad schools – Universidad Católica, Universidad de Chile and Universidad de Concepción – are declared the best universities in the country.


Chile’s top institutes of higher education, the Universidad Católica and the Universidad de Chile, both received high marks in a recent study on Latin American universities, with the Universidad Católica placing second and the Universidad de Chile placing fourth.

The list was topped by Brazil’s Universidade de Sao Paulo, one of 65 institutions in Brazil that ranked in the top 200, earning Brazil the distinction of having the most universities on the list.

The study, conducted by the prestigious London-based QS World University Rankings, analyzed various factors including the institutions’ academic reputation, the prestige of the employees, the ratio of professors to students, the amount of professors with doctorates, the number of papers published per professor, the number of references to these papers, international faculties, foreign students, exchange programs and internet presence.

Within these factors, the Universidad Católica placed sixth in academic reputation and third in relation to the prestige of its employees, while the Universidad de Chile placed fourth and seventh, respectively.

Both Chilean universities also stood out in the ranking of their papers. The Universidad Católica placed sixth in the ranking of citations of the faculty’s papers, and the Universidad de Chile placed seventh in terms of papers per faculty.

The universities of Concepción (12), Santiago (21), Austral (30), Católica de Valparaíso (41), Federico Santa María (44), Adolfo Ibáñez (67), Talca (71) and La Frontera (73) fill out the rest of the top 10 Chilean universities.

President Álvaro Rojas of the Universidad de Talca said the study reflects the effort that his institution has made to consolidate its national and international image, 30 years after it was made independent from the Universidad de Chile in Santiago.

“The evaluation is a reassurance, especially because we are an institution that was born and developed outside the large metropolitan circles,” Rojas said.

The Universidad de Talca placed 19th among the 200 institutions in the number of papers per faculty.