Signature Campaign is Launched to Promote Chinchorro Mummies as Heritage of Humanity

The campaign is expected to collect more than 30,000 signatures

Imagen: Ministerio de Bienes Nacionales

The campaign called #YoFirmoChinchorro (ISignChinchorro) was launched yesterday at Sernatur headquarters in Santiago. It seeks to inform the citizenship of the application documentation -currently under drafting- that will be sent to UNESCO with the aim of declaring Chinchorro mummies as Heritage of Humanity. This recognition would grant a seal that would allow a permanent investment on the sites, which in turn would mean an economic and tourism boost for Arica and Parinacota region.

The Chinchorro people, which lived in northern coast of Chile, is known for their complex funeral rituals, of which its mummies stand out, known to be the oldest of the world. It is believed the Chinchorro mummies are about 7,500 years old, while the Egyptian ones are only about 5,000 years old.

Although the archaeological finding took place 30 years ago, and there are mummies currently in display at the Azapa Museum and in the on-site Colon 10 Museum, the arrangements for a UNESCO recognition have just started. This is due to the recent settlement of the Camarones 14 legal status, which is one of the most important sites hosting oldest date mummies. The previously private property land was donated to the State, so that it the application is able to meet the requirements established by the international organism.

The campaign, which is expected to gather more than 30,000 signatures, has the support of Sernatur, Arica municipality, Camarones municipality, and the Ministry of National Assets, whose head minister Víctor Osorio Reyes is also a Chinchorro ambassador, together with the national singer Manuel García.

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