Six Chilean movies vie for spots on the international market

Chilean delegation takes new films to the American Film Market event in a bid to showcase local work to international audiences.


A delegation of Chilean film industry representatives are in the United States this week, flying the flag for six up-and-coming local films at the 2011 American Film Market taking place in Santa Monica, California.

The annual event is considered one of the best platforms for securing international distribution agreements for independent cinema productions.

This year, the American Film Market will gather 8,000 film professionals from across the globe who are expected to sign as much as US$800 million in movie deals.

The Chilean delegation has been organized by Cinemachile, a public-private initiative led by the Chilean Association of Cinema and Television Producers (APCT), which seeks to promote the national film industry abroad.

Here, This is Chile provides an overview of the six Chilean films featuring at the international trade event.

El Limpiapiscinas (‘The Pool Cleaner’): Gustavo Ortíz (Sebastián Badilla) is a university student from a comfortable, middle class family who is forced to spend his summer vacation cleaning pools when his parents are struck down with financial problems. Ever the optimist, Gustavo soon realizes that his new job provides the perfect excuse to get closer to the girl of his dreams – his neighbor and former classmate, Nicole Ivanov (Denise Rosenthal).

Que Pena Tu Boda (‘Too Bad About Your Wedding’): Following the success of their 2010 comedy hit, Que Pena Tu Vida (‘Too Bad About Your Life’), Javier and Ángela (Ariel Levy and Andrea Velasco) have returned to the big screen – only this time, Ángela is pregnant. While she is keen to get married, Javier is not so sure. And things get even more complicated when a young woman named Lucía (Lorenza Izzo), appears on the scene and begins causing problems.

03:34 – Terremoto En Chile (‘3:34: Earthquake in Chile’): Directed by Juan Pablo Ternicier, this moving film portrays three different but interconnected stories that take place in the wake of the devastating 8.8-magnitude earthquake that rocked Chile in February 2010. Filmed on location in affected zones, all profits from the film will go to school reconstruction projects in areas of need.

Mitos y Leyendas (‘Myths and Legends’): This fantasy movie revolves around Martín (Cristián Seve), a die-hard fan of the Myths and Legends card game. One day, by chance, he discovers a hidden symbol on one of the playing cards that acts as a portal to another world. But when his friend Sofía also finds out about the hidden doorway, she gets trapped in the alternate universe, leading Martín and his game buddies on a dangerous quest to rescue her.

Sal (‘Salt’): A Chilean film director heads to the north of Chile in search of a plot for the epic western he has been dreaming of making for years. In a strange twist of events that occurs in the middle of the desert, he is mistaken for somebody else and his life is placed in danger. Instead of searching for a story, he finds himself fighting just to stay alive.

¿Alguien ha visto a Lupita? (‘Has anyone seen Lupita?’): Lupita (Dulce María) is an enigmatic young woman with a big imagination who spends much of her time living in a world of her own. While most people think she’s crazy, she tells herself that she is simply different. And even though she has experienced more than her fair share of pain, she seeks to make the most of every situation, sharing her magic with everybody she meets on her whimsical life journey.