Ski centers, snow, and panoramic views

Chile has the best snow in South America. The major winter centers are less than an hour from the capital.


El Colorado

Located 37 kilometers from Santiago, El Colorado it has over 1,000 hectares of ski slopes, at a maximum height above sea level of 3,350 meters. It is characterized by being a family center with slopes that have been evened out well and with a solid supply of apartments and restaurants, some of which are concentrated in Farellones, the charming mountain village from which the area was colonized.

La Parva

Located 42 kilometers from Santiago, this is a sophisticated center originally created by the French people who settled in the country’s capital five decades ago. La Parva has one of the most exclusive apartments in Chile. It has a ski school that has produced some of the country’s best skiers over the last few years. Its off-slope areas, which are just beginning to be developed, are remarkable.

Valle Nevado

Located 60 kilometers from Santiago, it was built 26 years ago by a French consortium. This is an active center that, together with Portillo, receives many visits from foreigners who come to ski in Chile every year. It has over 9,000 hectares of lands and stands out for its three formidable hotels, its restaurants like La Fourchette D’Or and its spa.