Ski in Chile during the Northern Hemisphere’s summer

Instead of breaking out the shorts this summer, grab your passport and head to Chile for some great “summer” skiing.

Are you a winter outdoor enthusiast? Does the onset of summer in the Northern Hemisphere have you feeling a little bummed? Do you much prefer your ski goggles and parka to a polka-dot bikini? Fear not, adventure seeker, for we have a solution! Come ski in Chile! It’s just what the doctor ordered.

Ski season in the slender Andean nation is directly opposite that of the Northern Hemisphere. With the ski season in Chile running from June to October, depending on the snow, Chile is the perfect spot in South America to take up your poles – in the summer! Well, your summer.

Getting to Chile is easy. Flights arrive in Santiago daily from most major world cities. You are only clicks away from booking a flight with any number of well-known airlines including LAN, Iberia, Delta, Air Canada, Air France, Aeromexico and Copa.


Browse our quick guide to the ski centers around Santiago. We recommend planning a couple of extra days to tour Chile’s capital, which has been honored several times over the last couple of years for being an outstanding travel destination, first by The New York Times and most recently by CNNGo.

Santiago also boasts a number world-class hotels to kick up your feet and pamper yourself before or after hitting the slopes.

Then, when you are ready to try your skis out on the Chilean powder, make arrangements with the ski center of your choice to be picked up in Santiago and escorted up the scenic Andes. Did we mention to pack your camera?

For the most intrepid souls, you can partake in heli skiing. Heli skiing may not be for the faint of heart, as a helicopter will come to whisk you up the mountain and drop you from its belly onto a glistening slope. However, for adrenaline junkies, this adventure still remains a bargain in Chile.

Termas de Chillán

The city of Chillán is located 251 miles (405 km) to the south of Santiago. Fifty-one miles (82 km) to the east of the city, you enter the Termas de Chillán. It may not be located at the same altitude as the centers near Santiago, but the area enjoys more rain and snowfall annually, thus making it perfect for winter sports.

Although there are many ski centers throughout the length of Chile, the Termas de Chillán is the only one that matches the resorts in Santiago in amenities and luxury comfort. For a nice mid-priced option, check out the Hotel Robledal. If you want to drop some more cash, try Hotel Nevados de Chillán or Gran Hotel Termas de Chillán.