Social entrepreneurs award inspiring students in Chile

Universidad Andrés Bello’s Youth Action award finances and supports 10 projects aimed at addressing social or environmental issues.

Ten young Chileans engaged in developing socially or environmentally oriented organizations will be given the opportunity to win financial support and training in the second annual Accion Joven 2012 (“Youth Action 2012”) competition.
Organized by the Universidad Andrés Bello, but open to all Chileans between the age of 18 and 29, the competition aims to develop young leaders and foster new ideas for tackling some of the major issues facing Chilean society.
The criteria calls for innovative and effective ideas, with a strong integration, passion and commitment to a social or environmental cause.
Applicants are required to be a founder or co-founder of an organization, project or non-profit company, that has a minimum six-month history, demonstrable results and room to grow the impact on the areas in which they are based.
The final ten applicants receive US$4,115 (CLP2 million) to grow their project, in addition to mentoring with senior executives and business leaders of the country and direct contact with public and private organizations, both for and non-profit, that are interested in collaborating with the winning projects.
A jury comprised of specialists associated with the university, the Chilean government and civil society is charged with the selection process.
In the inaugural 2011, competition the prize received more than 100 applicants. The winning projects included a diverse range of new ideas, including helping young offenders find work and get out of the judicial system, fostering consumer awareness in rural communities, creating support programs for Chileans with disabilities, and converting abandoned spaces into art projects.
Prize winners will also be linked into a network of international social entrepreneurs and will have the opportunity to be nominated for the global Youth Action Net, which would included a week of training outside of Chile and a year of financial support and mentoring.
Applications are open until June, 29 via the official website, Acción Joven 2012.