Software solutions company singles out Chile as an attractive market

According to the Brazilian company Totvs, Chile represents an attractive opportunity in the region due to the number of companies that require services and solutions that will expedite business management processes.

Software solutions

The renowned software, innovation and management support company, TOTVS, recently conducted a balance of its Chilean business activities that revealed that, for the 17th quarter running, the organization has been recording a sustained two-digit growth in the country. It has thus achieved 14% annual average net growth and incorporated 622 new clients.

The company, which seeks to strengthen its position in the Chilean market, showed that it has more than 25,000 active clients in the country. According to the TOTVS management, because of the increase in these indicators, Chile is looked upon as an attractive business opportunity, because there are many organizations that require services and solutions tailored to their requirements.

The company is represented in Chile by its Microsiga software. Sales of licenses in the territory have risen 10% in the first quarter of 2010, and its market share is expected to continue to increase during the year.

One of the keys to TOTVS’ success has to do with the business model it has implemented, powered by its 208 distribution channels in the region.