Southern Chile, home of «relaxation tourism»

A new travel trend is booming in the lush Araucanía Region as an innovative new center opens its doors in Victoria amid rave reviews.

It’s not hard to see why southern Chile is proving a top destination for a new form of relaxing tourism! Photo via _CaTa_ Flickr
It’s not hard to see why southern Chile is proving a top destination for a new form of relaxing tourism! Photo via _CaTa_ Flickr

Chile’s south central Araucanía Region has long been a huge draw for adventurous, nature-loving tourists drawn by its volcano spotted landscapes and unique wildlife.

Capitalizing on the bountiful attractions available in the region and bringing something unarguably fresh, though, is a one-of-a-kind center promoting its own conception of the perfect relaxing holiday.

Centro Yukatán near the city of Victoria has a special ethos that can be summarised in just a few words or, if you will, key ingredients for a great getaway: relaxation, exercise, open air walks and adrenalin.

The center is multi-use, offering a range of sport and health facilities and various comfortable cabin options so you will be able to get a good night’s rest after a hard day’s relaxation!

The nearby forests are rich with endemic flora including the roble, mañíos and aromos trees, all of which play home to the rich animals common to the pre-Patagonian south.

A short glance around the area and its not hard to recognize the potential owner Alejandro Novoa saw in the area years before when he embarked on his mission to realize his dream of relaxation tourism.

«Originally, I’m from the Biobío Region but after beginning to work here I decided to stay, in large part because of the great potential for tourism and relaxation and health that the zone offers thanks to its natural beauty,» he said.

One popular technique for said relaxation is yoga, a popular pursuit at the center and one that’s drawing in new fans. One such tourist is Claudia González.

«Being here has been interesting,» she said. The natural beauty and the possibility to do various relaxation and health activities such as Yoga make it very special.»

Meanwhile, a large swimming pool boasting a 100 ft slide, zipwire activities and various playing fields and soccer facilities mean the young ones should be suitably occupied while hard-working parents take a well-deserved break.

Centro Yukatán is one hour from regional hub Temuco which is served by regular buses from Santiago as well as domestic flights.