Southern Chile’s Osorno branded as a global gourmet hotspot

President Piñera attends glitzy inauguration dinner to launch a new culinary image for Osorno province in the Chilean Lakes District.


The Chilean south is best known for towering peaks and snowy antarctic beauty, but for Osorno province in the Lakes District a new gourmet image is on the menu.

On Tuesday Nov. 23, an elegant dinner and fair in the city of Osorno, halfway between Puerto Montt and Valdivia, marked the launch of a new brand for the region as a capital of gourmet.

Attended by President Sebastián Piñera, the event “Bicentennial Dinner: Osorno Gourmet Flavors and Culture” showcased the region’s famed dairy and meat produce but also highlighted lesser-known Osorno delicacies such as high-quality berries, marmalade, cheese and artisanal beers.

Governed by imposing volcanoes, Osorno is best known for meat and dairy products, but the community wants to show Chile and the world that those are just a few of the things that the region has to offer.

Rebranding as a southern Chilean gateway for gourmet foods will give Osorno the chance to show off its cultural melting pot of European, Arabic and indigenous influences, which have created a unique cuisine.

The tourism and food industries are backing the re-branding initiative and various Chilean and international businesses have injected funds into the region, such as 5 star hotel and cruise company Sonesta Collection.

It is a higher education center of growing importance and a report from regional government development body CorpOsorno, who also organized the launch event, shows that private investment in Osorno region has risen consistently for the past five years, totalling more than US$500 million across the period.

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