Spectacular video of Chilean landscapes sets social media abuzz

Why everyone is talking about the footage U.S. traveler Dana Saint shot on a five-week trip to Chile.  

Dana Saint is certainly not the first tourist to cross the length of Chile, but his footage of the trip may be one of the most evocative representations of the journey – judging by the reaction it has generated on social media sites among travelers and Chileans alike.

Saint, one of two members of a U.S. production company called Gnarly Bay Productions, and his girlfriend Nina, spent five weeks in the South American country famed for its unparalleled variety of landscapes, from lunar deserts to glacial fields to steaming volcanoes.
And yet he somehow managed to capture all that variety in a video a little over five and a half minutes long.
Saint enlisted solemn-voiced Castulo Guerra to narrate his script, giving their journey the feel of a Tolkien epic. The film opens in the Atacama desert of the north, and then jumps down to the forests and glaciers of Patagonia in the south, before circling around to the central wine regions.
The filmmaker captures the best of Chile’s natural phenomena – the wildflower blooms in the deserts of the Atacama and steaming volcanoes in the southern lakes district – and the most majestic of its native fauna, like the Andean Condor and Chilean Flamingo.
It is also full of great ideas for traveling in Chile: hitting the waves at surf meccas like Pichilemu; taking an aerial view of the lush southern lake regions in a paragliding trip; horseback-riding through the central valley; and camping in the northern desert, to see for yourself why the area is considered the best place in the world for stargazing.