Speed across all of Chile in 10 minutes flat with viral video

The video, which covers the 5000 miles from Chile’s northern to southern tip by car and boat, is part of a digital project to share Chilean culture with the world. 

Traverse over 5000 miles of Chile in less than 10 minutes thanks to Atlas Vivo de Chile (Living Atlas of Chile) and their video project Chile en 10 Minutos (Chile in 10 Minutes).
Starting in Arica, Chile’s northernmost city, a video camera strapped to the bumper of a car records the journey across the Northern deserts and coastlines, through the central valley, into the woods of Southern Chile, and finally onto a boat through Patagonia. The final shots are from Punta Arenas, Chile’s southernmost city.
The clip uses raw footage with no soundtrack other than wind rustling and the occasional horn honk of a passing car. The visual effect is similar to stop motion or even claymation, especially as the camera takes in the choppy waves and the rolling clouds from the helm of a boat in Patagonia.
Chile en 10 Minutos is part of Atlas Vivo de Chile, a video project that showcases Chilean culture, people and landscapes.
Atlas Vivo de Chile is born from the idea that a country is what its people make of it. The most powerful way to project [Chile’s] image into the world is by portraying the people that live here,” Director of Atlas Vivo de Chile, Blas Tomic explained.
“Each story we depict has a Chilean protagonist, from a child playing in the waves in Arica, to an expert kite flyer showing his skills in Valparaíso, to a solitary DJ on a local radio station in the pampa salitrera, to a TV channel run by children on the island of Chiloé,” Tomic said.
This video and others like it can be found on their website, each showcasing some specific and unique aspect of Chilean culture. An English language webpage and subtitles are expected in the near future.