Spirit of enterprise takes Chilean students to New York City

An award granted to the five young entrepreneurs who created Chocolates Piedra Azul will make them the first Chilean representatives at the Dare to Dream Awards Dinner in April.


This April, five students from Puerto Montt’s Liceo Rural Piedra Azul (Blue Stone Country School) will arrive in New York City to participate in the Dare to Dream Awards Dinner, an event that celebrates youth entrepreneurship around the world – and all because of chocolate.

In 2010, five high school students between the ages of 16 and 18 – Noemi Huenulef, Yocelyn Soto, Valeska Mansilla, Camila Escalona, Francisco Perez – created Chocolates Piedra Azul as part of the pilot phase for a new program titled “Apoyo al Entorno Emprendedor,” or “Supporting the Culture of Enterprise.” Sponsored by Endeavor Chile, Fundación Chile, and the Corporaion for the Promotion of Production (Corfo), the program featured workshops for students designed to foster necessary business skills like leadership, teamwork, creativity and self-esteem.

The “Spirit of Enterprise 2010” award was granted at Chile’s first Conference of Entrepreneurial Education, called JumpStart Chile, which was the culmination of the pilot program. The winning team, whose members will become the first ever Chilean representatives at the Dare to Dream Awards Dinner, earned the honor by producing home made chocolates flavored with endemic ingredients.

As an initial pilot phase for an ongoing project to encourage young Chilean entrepreneurs, 2010’s “Supporting the Culture of Enterprise” program was held only amongst schools in Puerto Montt. In all, 1,800 students participated in the workshops, resulting in 80 distinct projects.

The five Chilean students who travel to New York in April for the dinner, held the evening of Wednesday the 13th, will have the chance to interact and share experiences with representatives from around the world, including students from places like India, the Ireland and the Netherlands.

The award was presented by the Executive Vice President of Corfo, Hernán Cheyre, the director of Endeavor, Sven von Appen, and the Director of Human Capital at Fundación Chile, Hernán Araneda.