Studying and Traveling

Over 10,000 foreigners study in Chile and the majority of them take advantage of it to travel throughout the country.


Chile’s natural beauty is a major attraction for tourists, entrepreneurs and international students. Exchange students, undergraduate and post-graduate students generally take the time to visit Chile’s natural wonders. San Pedro de Atacama, Easter Island, Torres del Paine and Patagonia are internationally renowned attractions that enthrall visitors.

Cold jungles, glaciers, the desert in bloom, beaches, volcanoes and mountains all come together in the same territory.

There are many options available for every pocketbook. A student residing in Santiago can be skiing in the Andes in just 40 minutes. Chile is home to some of the best ski and snowboarding slopes in the Southern Hemisphere.

If you prefer the beach, you can visit a beach like Maitencillo in no time, go surfing or parasailing. Rafting, kayaking, fly fishing, trekking, mountain climbing and waterskiing are some of the many sports you can try in this country. There are more than 90 parks, national reserves and natural monuments for nature lovers.

The country also features modern infrastructure, which enables excellent connectivity between different points of the country, in terms of highways, airline connection and telecommunications.

If you are looking for a more laid-back adventure, we recommend touring a winery where you can taste the famed Chilean wines, or try stargazing with unmatched visibility and clear skies at one of the country’s observatories. Chile’s unique geography and its wide range of weather conditions make for several different landscapes and activities.

Some universities offer language courses and programs that combine education with ecotourism, guided tours to wineries and other destinations with a cultural and historical background. Talk with your university if you are interested in both education and touring the country. There are also tourism schools for those interested, a business niche that Chile is vigorously promoting.

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