Suli Lamp: Solar Module Created by Chileans Seeks to Give Sustainable Energy Solutions to Chile and the World

The project now wants to give light to Haiti communities.

Suli Lamp

Suli Lamp is a solar module with a small and circular design created in Chile. It can be used in different ways; attached to a bottle or hanging as a desk light, while camping, as an emergency light, and many other uses one can think of. It has a six-hour autonomy, and it charges with direct solar light in eight continuous hours. The most important aspect is that it is a module which generates sustainable energy and contributes to a cleaner environment. In addition, it seeks to massify the use of renewable energies in people’s everyday life.

This entrepreneurship was created by architect Ximena Muñoz, commercial engineer Cristián O’Ryan, publicist Matias Casanova, and designer Macarena Pola. It was devised in order to be a comprehensive, portable, and easy-to-use energy solution for the ones who want to use energy generated by natural resources.

However, the team behind Suli want to go beyond Chile. They want to reach Haiti in order to provide them with artificial light, specifically to Bouton village, where four out of five sectors do not have this service. Ximena Muñoz says that “this work in Haiti has helped us to massify our innovation, which is totally Chilean, and we believe it is going to be accepted because it can really be of much help to everyday life.”

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