SURDOCS 2015: The best of documentary film gets to Puerto Varas

The cinematographic event, scheduled from November 21st to 27th opened at the Teatro del Lago Frutillar, with a program focused on the best documentaries of the year.

El Mostrador
El Mostrador

The 12th version of the International Documentary Festival is being held this week in Puerto Varas. The touristic town of Los Lagos hosts this event that for 12 years has been bringing global exponents of the documentary film together, bearing in mind a clear focus on the formation of audiences this genre deserves in our country. That is how of the festival’s activities – distributed between Puerto Varas and Puerto Montt – are for free, and suited for all types of public.

The cinematographic event, scheduled from November 21st to 27th opened at the Teatro del Lago Frutillar – a national cultural icon that has been included as a headquarter for the first time -, with a program mainly focused on the best documentaries of the year. This time the highlighted movies, among many others, are «The ice and the sky», a scientific work which closed the Cannes Film Festival and «327 notebooks», which portrays the memories and personal experiences of the writer Ricardo Piglia.

One of the main objectives of the Festival is to captivate the public and generate new audiences, seeking to demolish the preconceptions that catalogue this genre as directed towards a barren, distant and specific group of people. For the director of SURDOCS, Raimundo Pérez, «no project of film spreading- and cultural in general – is viable if it gives its back to the hearings. «SURDOCS has always tried very hard to captivate and empathize with its audience, and it has done so by following the unique path that ensures the projection in time: blindly betting on the quality of the content».

As part of the goal of attracting new generations of audiences, some serious territorial work was made this year which was focused on the students of schools from Puerto Montt’s , Puerto Varas, Frutillar, and their respective educational communities. This allowed to identify the ideal content for these enthusiastic spectators, such was the case that this year they will represent 40% of the exhibition’s public.

The XII International Documentary Festival of Puerto Varas will last until November 27th, with exhibitions across the Salón Azul of the Municipality of Puerto Varas, the Teatro Diego Rivera in Puerto Montt and the Dreams Hotel of Puerto Varas, in addition to a constantly moving territorial deployment that includes the towns of Calbuco, Pargua and Ancud. The program of the event is available on its official website.