Survey pinpoints Chile as the revelation team for the World Football Cup

The Chilean national team directed by Marcelo Bielsa was awarded first place over the teams of Paraguay, Ivory Coast and United States.


There are less than two weeks to go before the beginning of the 2010 World Football Cup that will take place in South Africa, and excitement is growing in all the countries, as well as speculation (and betting) about what teams will have the best performance at the maximum football event.

According to a survey conducted in Argentina by the company Ibarómetro, the Chilean national team appears to be on the right track, because “La Roja”, as the team is known, was ranked as the top candidate to become the revelation team of the championship by the Argentines.

The team, directed by Marcelo Bielsa, ranked first in the preferences, obtaining 32.4% of the votes, followed by Paraguay with 10.6%. Farther down on the list were the Ivory Coast (8.7%) and the United States (5.7%).

In terms of the team that will definitively win the cup, Argentina leads with 52.4% of preferences. In contrast, Spain is chosen by 24.4% of those interviewed as the biggest let-down of the championship.

According to his Argentine compatriots, Marcelo Bielsa is also destined to shine during the championship. Moreover, 53.3% of those interviewed chose him as the best coach that will be present in South Africa, outperforming by a wide margin the coach of the English team, the Italian Fabio Capello, who obtained 12.2% of the votes, and Vicente del Bosque, the Spanish coach, who obtained 12.1% support.

International expectations over the participation of “La Roja” in the world cup are also echoed in Chile. The cinemas of the country are currently showing «Ojos Rojos», a documentary about the Chilean team, which has become the most-viewed film in the history of Chilean cinema.