Tasting the local microbrews of Pucón, Chile

Don’t miss these delicious beers – and the friendly bars and breweries that serve them – on your next trip to the Araucanía Region.

After a long day of exploring the trails, rivers, and roadways of Chile’s adventure capital Pucón, nothing beats relaxing with a locally-brewed craft beer, or cerveza artesanal.
The area around Pucón has always been celebrated as the country’s beer brewing birthplace thanks to an influx of German immigrants to the area in the mid-19th century. But a new industry of modern microbrewing has sprung up around Pucón over the past 10 years that offers a wide variety of tastes and styles.
Don’t miss the chance to enjoy a cold brew from these exciting breweries near Pucón on your next trip to this fun-loving city.
Pillán (Pucón)
Pillán, which means “soul” or “spirit” in the Mapudungun language of the indigenous Mapuche, uses the crystal clear water of the South and the spirit of the volcanoes in their three beer varieties. Milla (which means “gold” in Mapudungun) is a pale or golden ale; Keli (meaning red) is a red or amber ale; and Kuri (meaning black) is a black, stout-type ale.
Cerveza Crater (Villarica)
Cerveza Crater offers two ale varieties: a Golden Ale and a Porter Ale. This family-owned business is the product of beer-loving couple John Amand de Mendieta and Maria Elena Schacht, of Belgian and German descent respectively. Tours of the brewery, located four miles (6.3 km) outside of Villarica on the Ruta Villarica – Pucon, are also available.
Cervecería Petermann  (Huilo Huilo Reserve)
Located within the beautiful Huilo Huilo Reserve two hours south of Pucón, Cervecería Petermann brews four distinct ales: Cerveza Pozo de Oro, a blonde ale, Cerveza Pilmaiquén, a more intense golden ale, Cerveza Arrayanes, a strong red ale, and Cerveza Piedras Negras, a chocolaty Irish-style ale. The brewery also offers tours and a restaurant.
Where to drink local beers in Pucón
La Torre del Artista (Pedro de Valdivia 333)
Stocking a wide variety of bottled beers (including all of those mentioned in this article and more), La Torre del Artista is located in a beautiful wooden building alongside one of Pucón’s main parks, and offers a large menu of sandwiches and salads.
Beirgarten (Avenida Lincoyan 361)
Founded by friendly German couple Ulli and Elke, the Beirgarten offers an immense selection of beers from around the world in addition to Chilean beers, and serves up classic German dishes like bratwurst and gulasch.