Teatro Huemul Seeks to Revive through Crowdfunding

The crowdfunding campaign seeks to position the theater as a cultural space for Santiago.

Teatro Huemul

The Teatro Huemul, located in the Franklin neighbourhood in Santiago, turns 101 years old since its construction between 1914 and 1917. It is a historical site due to both its heritage worth and also its importance for the city because of its victorian architecture.

A campaign has been created this year in order to revive this cultural center through Crowdfunding. The purpose of this is that the neighbours, and all the people who want to collaborate, help to raise funds to rescue the space, so it can reach social and economical sustainability. This will be possible with the collaboration of the active participants that want to use the center. In addition, these funds will be used for a new management plan and a new communication strategy to position the theater as an important cultural center. The project is already available on the online portal Idea.me.

Damariz Gallardo and Diana Rojas are cultural managers and partners of the Equis Cultura company, and they have been working in the reactivation of the theater for four months. The campaign will last up to the last weekend of August and will have different activities carried out by the ones who use this cultural space regularly: comedians, theater companies, musicians, among others.

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