Test your knowledge of Chile and win the trip of a lifetime

The general knowledge game, which can be accessed through This Is Chile’s Facebook page, has over 1,200 questions in six different categories.


The Fundación Imagen de Chile has launched the second round of ChileQuiz!, an internet game that allows participants to test their knowledge of the Andean country.

Aimed at boosting interest in Chile around the globe, the competition also gives players the chance to win a trip to some of the country’s most iconic destinations, such as the Atacama Desert, Patagonia or Easter Island.

Launched at the beginning of November, the online quiz can be accessed via This Is Chile’s Facebook page.

The general knowledge game has more than 800 questions which have been divided into a range of broad categories including history, geography and nature, sports and recreation, gastronomy, national heroes, and arts and literature.

The multiple choice questions have four options and are divided into three difficulty levels (basic, medium and expert), giving contestants either 60, 45 or 30 seconds to choose the correct answer.

Players also have three wild card options up their sleeves to help with the more difficult questions: the ‘time freeze’ option which allows participants to stop the countdown timer; the 50/50 option which eliminates two incorrect answers; and the auto answer option which selects the correct answer on behalf of the player.

“The ChileQuiz! is an initiative that takes advantage of the enormous potential of social networking to reach global audiences, opening them up to the great advantages of learning more about Chile,” said the director of communications for Fundación Imagen de Chile, Jennyfer Salvo.

“It has creative and interactive content and it offers people the chance to come and see Chile for themselves.”

The first round of ChileQuiz!, which was developed for China, was launched at last year’s Shanghai Expo.

More than 30,000 people took part in the competition and the winner, 28-year-old banking executive,  Xiaohang Feng, took her trip to Chile earlier this year, visiting Easter Island and the Atacama Desert.

The prizes are available thanks to the following sponsors: Casa Atacama, Noi Vitacura, Puma Lodge, Indigo Patagonia, Aku Aku, Holiday Inn Express, Kipadventour Patagonie, Estancia El Cuadro, Macrotour and Assist-Card.

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