The Biggest Olive Oil Show in the World Comes to Chile with D’oro Hemisferio Sur

For the first time in its 12 years of existence, the most renown show of quality olive oil in the world, Sol D’Oro, organized once a year in Italy by Veronafiere, left its homeland to come to Chile to set up the first version of Sol D’Oro Hemisferio Sur.

Ministerio de Agricultura

The initiative, led by the Asociación Panel Cata Chile and supported by the Ministry of Agriculture, will take place from September 29 to October 3rd. It will follow the strict regulations of the Sol D’Oro contest and it will be led by international expert Dr. Marino Giorgetti, who will supervise that all requirements and standards of the Italian version are met in Chile.

The winners of the Sol de Oro (Gold medal), Sol de Plata (Silver medal) and Sol de Bronce (Bronze medal), plus 7 honorable mentions in two categories: Organic and Extra Virgin. These two last categories will be divided in four sub categories according to the intensity of the fruit: fruity, light, medium and intense.

The jury will be composed by 8 international experts, all of them picked by Dr. Giorgetti. Among the members of the jury, there will be representatives from both hemispheres and some members of the Italian version.

The winners of the contest will be exhibited in the Sol&Agrifood showroom that will be set during the Vinitaly fair in Venice that will take place from March 22 to March 25 in 2015. The winners will be also included in the “walking tours” that are organized for the most important international buyers.

The minister of Agriculture, Carlos Furche, highlighted the new and rising world demand for more sophisticated food like olive oil. “We, as a country, have to build a more complex narrative for our food industry. In the past couple of years there has been a great diversification of the market and one of the rising stars within our export offer is olive oil, which has come to be considered as a premium quality product,” added Furche.

During the week that the show will last, Santiago will transform into the olive world capital. “We will have activities every day, in which producers and consumers will be able to participate: tasting panels, business rounds, workshops and a tasting of the awarded oils”, says Mingo, President of “Panel Cata Chile” (Chile’s Tasting Panel), the organization that’s in charge of the show along with Veronafiere.

About Panel Cata Chile

Panel Cata Chile is an association of tasters created in 2012 with the aim of encouraging the consumption of quality olive oil, while promoting the development of organoleptic analysis and the cultural exchange within the international olive industry.

Abour Veronafiere

Today, Veronafiere, created in 1898, is the main European agent when it comes to fairs. In Italy, it is the dominating entity in the agricultural and food industry, besides being the organizer of important fairs of international commerce, like it is the case of Vinitaly, the biggest wine fair in the world; or Sol&Agrifood, dedicated to the agro alimentary industry, and Enolitech, international showroom of machinery and technology for viticulture, enology and the growing of olives. In addition, Veronafiere is the organizer of Sol D’Oro, the most important contest of the olive industry in the world, whose objectives are the promotion of the best extra virgin olive oils and to encourage improvements in the production process. The commitment of Veronafiere originated at the beginning of the 90’s with the León de Oro (Golden Lion Show), and it followed with the Sol D’Oro from 2002.