The five Chilean cartoons ready to take on the world

A television program made up of a series of light-hearted stories developed in Chile is being aired internationally by the Cartoon Network in November and December.


A new television program featuring a collection of animated stories made in Chile has launched on the internationally-broadcast cable channel, Cartoon Network.

Known as Zumbástico Fantástico (‘Fantastic Zumbastic), the children’s show was put together by Chilean director Álvaro Ceppi, and will feature five original series: El Asombroso Ombligo de Edgar (‘Edgar’s Amazing Belly Button’); Chanchiperri; La Liga De Los Semi-Héroes (‘The League of Semi-Heroes’); Pepe, Un Cuadrado En Un Mundo Redondo (‘Pepe: A Square Peg in a Round World’); and Telonio Y Sus Demonios (‘Telonio and His Demons’).

Developed by Chilean production house Sólo Por Las Niñas, in collaboration with Televisión Nacional de Chile (TVN), each of the cartoon stories highlights good values and children’s issues, according to an article in El Mercurio de Valparaíso.

The first season of Zumbástico Fantástico contains 17 half-hour episodes which will be screened in the mornings, Monday to Saturday, until December 3.

Below is an overview of the five Chilean series appearing on the program.

El asombroso ombligo de Edgar (by Pablo Castillo): After ignoring his mother’s advice and refusing to wash his belly button, an ordinary boy named Edgar finds an extraordinary, microscopic world forming on his tummy.

Chanchiperri (by Bernardita Ojeda): The tale of a very naughty, very unlucky boy who spends his time plotting to destroy his beautiful town, Bondad (Goodness). In the end, his plans are always foiled by his mother.

La liga de los semi-héroes (by Claudio Mas): This series charts the adventure of three pre-teens who use their amazing superpowers to fight evil. But each of them has a problem. Vértigo can fly but he is afraid of heights. Atarantis can run at super speed but she struggles to concentrate so she always forgets where she is going. And Astigmato can burn metal with his powerful laser vision but only at close range, because he is short sighted.

Pepe, un cuadrado en un mundo redondo (by Álvaro Ceppi): Pepe is the only square person in a totally round world. Adding to his difficulties, he constantly has to deal with his crazy neighbor, Pancho, who keeps dragging him off on wild adventures.

Telonio y sus demonios (by Sol Díaz): Telonio is a boy who is continually being hassled by a gang of pesky, invisible demons that only he can see. As well as having to contend with them, he’s also trying to win the heart of his beautiful neighbor, Melodia, using his great skill as a jazz guitarist.