The great moment of the film industry in Chile

Nominations and awards for national directors and productions, along with new horizons for the film industry in Chile, is what defines this amazing moment for the cinematographic industry.

Consejo Nacional de la Cultura y las Artes / Flickr
Consejo Nacional de la Cultura y las Artes / Flickr

As the years go by, new and innovative movies are not only succeeding in the Chilean market, but also within the international industry. That is why we can affirm that we are witnessing one of the greatest moments for our national industry.

Within this amazing new path that is being forged, the filmmaker Pablo Larraín has created a name on its own. He has greatly succeeded with the movie “Jackie”, co-produced with an studio from United States, and with the lead role being played by Natalie Portman, the young filmmaker has earned recognition in the Stockholm International Film Festival.

The festival has decided to award the Stockholms Visionary Award to Larraín due to his trajectory and his influence over the Chilean and international cinematographic market. According to Sweden’s Magazín Latino magazine, he was chosen for being a “versatile director, with artistic precision, and a sharp point of view of the Chilean history”.

After paving the way with the first Chilean nomination to the Academy Awards with “NO”, without a doubt Pablo Larraín has created a space where more Chilean movies could reach the international industry.

When talking about following the path to the Oscar, “A Fantastic Woman” seems to be a strong candidate. After several awards and being acclaimed in different film festivals, this movie directed by Sebastián Lelio has great chances of finally bringing this trophy home. Two specialized websites are increasing the hopes. According to Award Circuit and IndieWire, “A Fantastic Woman” is among the favorites to be nominated for Best Foreign Film, and it has already made it into the short-list.

Along with this possible nomination, Lelio also reached a significant amount of success with his movie “Gloria”, who recognised among the 16 best Iberoamerican movies in the Goya Awards, along with films from other countries of Latin America, Spain and Portugal.

This is the perfect time for national production companies to bring their movies into the international market, a market that was not possible to access a few years ago. It’s time to take advantage of this cinematographic peak and the inauguration of Mia Market, a visual arts international fair that takes place in Rome, where CinemaChile along with 4 national production companies tried to forge ties with Italian companies. Picardía Films, Parox, Vilano and Manufactura de Películas were the production companies that had the possibility of knowing the Italian movie industry and market.

Without a doubt, this is the perfect time for movies and audiovisual national productions within Chile and in the international market.