The Maipo Valley ranks 3rd in the top wine regions to visit list

The wine producing region of Maipo Valley was voted as the third best wine destination to visit on USA TODAY’s website. The voting was open to all the paper’s readership and it closed on August 5, awarding the first place of the 10 Best Readers Choice ranking to the Alentejo zone in Portugal.

Cousiño Macul Alto Maipo

USA Today is one of the most important papers of national circulation in the United States and its website counts with 10.7 unique users every month. This is the first time that the 10 Best Reader Choice votes for the best wine producing regions in the world. The finalists were previously selected by a panel of experts related to the wine industry, including educators and critics from the area.

For Andrea Wolleter, General Manager of Turismo Chile, “this is very good news. It allows us to be recognized as a wine tourism destination in the context of the international tourism promotion. Last year, the Casablanca Valley and Valparaíso were selected by Great Wine Capitals as world wine capitals.”

According to Kerry Woolard, one of the members of the panel, the Maipo Valley is one of the wine producing regions of easier access from its capital, Santiago. Its French-inspired boutique cellars have given it the nickname of “Little Bordeaux”, due the fact that many of their Cabernet Sauvignon have a style inspired by the French wine region.

The Best Wine Region to Visit title was awarded to the Alentejo region in Portugal, followed by the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, Canada. The Maipo Valley has also gained notoriety for its varied tasting offers, along with its attractive culinary and touristic experiences.

The pre-Andean lands contiguous to the Maipo Valley were the first to receive vines coming directly from Europe during the second half of the 19th century and many of the wineries that are part of this route produce some of the best red wines of Chile.

Small or large, the wineries near Santiago are worth the visit, be it to taste their wines, to review part of Chile’s history or to know some of the corners of one of the most interesting capitals of South America.

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