The San Cristóbal Hill Cable Car will be back on service after being inoperative for five years

It is hoped that the service starts working by the second semester of 2016

Imagen: Flodigrip's world

After five years of non-operation, the Chilean Ministry of Housing and Town Planning announced that the reparations of the San Cristóbal Hill cable car, which connects the entrance to the Parque Metropolitano (Metropolitan Park) from Pedro de Valdivia street with the Virgin’s peak in Santiago, will be carried out. This location makes it a highly touristic place that is visited by local and international tourists.

This project seeks to rescue some important spots of the sector, such as the station retrieval and the installation of towers by the cabins that are better equipped and with better capacity. The traditional egg-shaped cabins will be replaced by other ones, which will be able to transport up to six people. They will also be equipped with air conditioning and will be able to carry bicycles. Let’s remember that this touristic attraction closed its doors on June, 2009, due to mechanical failures.

The works will be in charge of Consorcio Teleférico Parque Metropolitano (literally Metropolitan Park Cable Car Consortium) and will start on this year’s March, finishing by 2016 and lasting 420 days. They will recover 4.8 km that this mean of transportation used to cover.