The seductive world of flamenco alights in Chile

Acuérdate de mí. . . Lola, which is being held at Santiago’s Gabriel Mistral Center until March 25, pays homage to the great divas of the genre.  

Created in London in 2007 by two Chilean expats, La Típica Contemporary Flamenco company has toured the world, collaborated with leading international artists and performed in some of Europe’s major venues – and now the group is returning to Chile to perform their latest show.
Entitiled: Acuérdate de mí. . . Lola (“Remember Me. . . Lola”), the show references legendary flamenco divas, including María Dolores Vargas, Marisol, and Lola Flores, for whom it is titled.
“This work pays homage to the women of flamenco, who I admire so much,” said dancer, choreographer and co-founder of the company, Natalia García Huidobro.
La Típica has a reputation for performing a modern interpretation of flamenco – which comes from southern Spain but is a popular music and dance style throughout Latin America – incorporating influences as diverse as contemporary dance, theater, classical music and jazz.
“The company tries to open the structures of flamenco, in its musical form and choreography, absorbing multi-disciplinary aspects and ideas from contemporary dance and theater,” García Huidobro said.
And its latest performance is no exception. Acuérdate de mí. . . Lola weaves in elements of the music and style of cabaret, café cantante – 19th century flamenco nightclubs – Spanish folklore music, copla – a romantic four-verse style of Spanish poetry – spandex parties and the individual experiences of the four female dancers of the troupe.
The performers also include a male dancer, two singers, a guitarist and cajón drummer. The show is comprised of entirely original music, dance and set design.
Acuérdate de mí. . . Lola is being performed at the Gabriel Mistral Center (GAM) until March 25, in room A2. Shows start at 9pm Thursday to Saturday and 8pm on Sundays.
Tickets cost US$12.50 (CLP6000) for general admission and US$6.25 (CLP3000) for students and senior citizens.
For more information see the GAM website.