Theater piece for one spectator debuts in Chile

A cultural center in Santiago that is unique in the world, located on a bridge over the Mapocho River in Santiago, presents the “Loop’ play.


In July, many Chileans take advantage of the winter school vacations to engage in the countless cultural and recreational activities that the country hosts,  which is why the company “Teatro del Puente” (Theater on the Bridge) has chosen it to launch a unique play that has the particularity of being observed by a single spectator.

It is “Loop,” an innovative play in which four actors repeatedly execute a seven-second sequence for an hour and a half on a stage with baroque esthetics, all directed by Leonardo Medel and in the context of the project “Gabinete Ab Uno,” an initiative that seeks to install the trend of individual theater in Chile.

The director is a graduate of the Escuela de Cine de Chile (Chilean school of cinema) and has made diverse video clips for national musicians. He was also distinguished for designing 3D covers for the local magazine “Paula” in 2009.

To see “Loop” all you need is to register, since the entrance is free. Performances are on Sundays at 18:30 throughout July.

The cultural center that houses the theater is the only space in the world that operates in a structure of this type, which in this case crosses over the Mapocho River, one of the icons of the Chilean capital. The bridge is also a lookout adjacent to the attractive Lastarria neighborhood, boasting trendy gastronomy and fashion.