This Friday, the XXIX version of «Midnight Museums» will be held throughout the country

The activity, organized by the Direction of Libraries, Archives and Museums (DIBAM), involves about 50 national museums, including public and private institutions.

24 Horas
24 Horas

«Museums at midnight» is an initiative that invites people to visit a great variety of museums and cultural centers for free after sun is down, from 6.00 pm until 12.00 pm. This cultural night circuit expects the participation of at least 50 thousand people, who will have access to special activities in each associated place.

Since its beginnings, the event has been conceived as a unique and innovative opportunity for the public, bringing the visitors closer to their cultural heritage and the diverse artistic manifestations that will be held throughout the country. Moreover, on this occasion the initiative will have the collaboration of Turistik, Bikesantiago y Bicipaseos Patrimoniales.

At the same time, and for the second consecutive year, there is a mobile app developed by the DIBAM which will allow users to access all the necessary information, activities and schedules of every participating institution. With this digital tool the users will be able to build their own custom routes and share them on social networks.

This year’s ‘Midnight Museums’ official opening will be on Thursday, October 22nd at 10.00 am at the National Museum of Fine Arts. For more information and details, the official site of the activity is available.