Three Chilean musicians tour the northern hemisphere’s summer

Ana Tijoux, Chico Trujillo and Las Jaivas bring distinct sounds to U.S. stages, each united by a common history in the nation’s legacy of protest songs.

Three very different Chilean bands and musicians – united by their support for social movements and human rights – will be touring the United States for the northern hemisphere’s summer this year, in a reflection on the diversity of Chilean music.
From the creative, danceable fusion of Chico Trujillo – responsible for a slew of modern classics, like “Loca” and “La Medillita” – to the cutting-edge sound of Ana Tijoux and the historic vibe of Las Jaivas, Chile’s musicians are taking something for everyone this summer.
What unites the three, however, is the continued legacy of the Andean country’s musical social conscious, tracing back to the early folk-protest songs of Violeta Parra, and later, Víctor Jara.
Here, we’ve got the scoop on where and when to see these three modern legends, as they hit stages across the United States this summer.
Chico Trujillo
Chico Trujillo is a high octane, ten-member ensemble and the darlings of the Nueva Cumbia Chilena (“New Chilean Cumbia”) – a frantic genre that mashes up rock, ska, hip hop, Andean music and other traditional rhythms of Latin America to form a unique dance rhythm sure to get your feet moving.
From June 13 to June 25, Chico Trujillo will be on tour in the United States, playing eight shows in around the country, including in New York,Chicago and Miami. For details, see their myspace page.
Ana Tijoux
Young, fierce and grammy-nominated Ana Tijoux was always going to be a socially conscious, growing up as the daughter of exiled activists. Growing up in France, she brought her creative talents to poetry and rap, earning a name for herself in both fields.
Having already rocked Lollapalooza, she’s no stranger to U.S. strages – and this summer, Tijoux will play at Millennium Park, Chicago, as part of the Downtown Sound series. For information, click here.
Los Jaivas
Chile’s modern day revival of indigenous and traditional folk music can be almost be traced through one band: Los Jaivas.
The Chilean rock icons, active for more than 30 years, will be returning to be taking their  distinctive Andean-rooted activist folk rock tunes to Lollapalooza 2012 in Chicago in August.