Tierra Patagonia Hotel in Chile wins global design award

The hotel, located on the edge of Torres del Paine National Park, has been selected the world’s Best Resort in the 9th annual Travel + Leisure 2013 Design Awards.

Tierra Patagonia, located on the edge of Chile’s incredible Parque Nacional Torres del Paine, has been named Best Resort in the 9th annual Travel + Leisure 2013 Design Awards. The prestigious award honors the year’s best examples of how good design makes travel better.

The hotel, which opened in December 2011, offers travelers a wide range of unparallelled design elements. Every room in the 40-room resort provides stunning views of Torres del Paine’s Paine Massif, one of the most photographed landmarks in the Patagonian region. The building also uses locally sourced stone and wood – most of it left as raw and as unadorned as possible – which provides a special sense of tranquility that allows guests to relax and feel at home.

Tierra Patagonia was designed by three of Chile’s leading architects: Cazu Zegers, Roberto Benavente, and Rodrigo Ferrer. The architects aimed to design a hotel that blended seamlessly with its natural landscape, hoping to minimize their impact on the land while maximizing the awe-inspiring setting.

Zegers, the first female architect to receive the Great Latin America Architecture Prize at Bienal de Buenos Aires, drew inspiration for the design of the hotel from her years of travel in the Magallanes Region and her connection to its natural landscape.

For Miguel Purcel, General Manager of Tierra Hotels, the Travel + Leisure award is an important accomplishment.

“We are delighted and honored for Tierra Patagonia to be recognized with this Travel + Leisure award,” said Purcell. “Our intention was to create a space and aesthetic that connects guests emotionally to the unique surroundings and natural beauty of Patagonia, and our design team captured that with a dramatic and graceful viewpoint.”

In addition to Tierra Patagonia’s world-class design, the hotel also offers great excursions inside Parque Nacional Torres del Paine led by accomplished local guides. Learn more about staying at Tierra Patagonia, or the hotel’s sister location in the Atacama Desert, on their website.