Top Chilean academic launches Harvard corporate strategy group

Francisco Javier Garrido, successful consultant and director of the Universidad Mayor’s Business School, has become a founding member of the new international Corporate Level Strategy Group from Harvard Business School.


A leading Chilean business expert and academic has become one of the founders of a global idea-generation group based at the prestigious Harvard Business School in the U.S., alongside a glittering list of commercial figureheads.

Professor Francisco Javier Garrido, director of the Business School at Chile’s Universidad Mayor, was invited to Harvard Business School’s Boston campus to take part in its new Corporate Level Strategy program.

Selected for his role as director of Santiago and Barcelona based consultancy firm EBS, Professor Garrido was joined on the program by 50 representatives from some of the world’s biggest multinationals, including Microsoft, Oracle, Qatar, Johnson & Johnson and Royal Bank of Canada.

During the nine-day event, the first of its kind at Harvard, the participants of the program agreed to form the Harvard Business School Corporate Level Strategy Group and reunite on a regular basis in countries around the world.

Their meetings will work as idea-generation sessions, giving the members the opportunity to discuss problems affecting multinational organizations today while sharing success stories and generating strategies for change.

Professor Garrido has a wealth of experience to contribute to the group. In addition to his roles in EBS Consulting and at the Universidad Mayor Business School, he is an internationally respected author, speaker and professor who gives regular conferences both in Chile and abroad.

In an interview with This Is Chile he said that being invited to participate in the program by Harvard Business School was “a pleasant surprise,” highlighting the chance he had to work alongside presidents and vice-presidents of multinational corporations.

He will take an active part in the development of the group, he said. “My role will be similar to that of the other founders: working to coordinate activities of common interest, proposing relevant corporate themes, problem-solving, visiting other countries and the organizations of the other founders.”

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