Top kayakers head to Chile for international competition

The Whitewater Grand Prix will bring together 30 of the world’s best kayakers for five race stages on the rivers of central Chile December 1-14. 

Chile’s rivers are perfect for adventurous kayakers, and it’s for this reason that the Whitewater Grand Prix has chosen Central Chile for the location of its international white water kayaking competition taking place December 1-14, 2012.
The Whitewater Grand Prix (WWGP) will bring together 30 of the world’s top kayakers for five stages of competition on the Río Gol Gol, Río Trancura, Río Fuy, and Río Futaleufú in Central Chile. According to event organizer Patrick Camblin, a range of factors make Chile an ideal location for the WWGP.
“What sets Chile apart is the number, variety, and quality of suitable rivers for our sport as well as their particularly beautiful setting,” Camblin told This is Chile.
“Our event is planned more as a media shoot than as a traditional type of event, and Chile is perfect for our goal, which is to capture the best whitewater athletes competing on the best sections of whitewater in the world in a way that can get beyond traditional whitewater exposure,” Camblin explained.
You can check out the short video from last year’s WWGP event in Quebec, Canada here, as well as the event’s 50 minute TV show program that aired on Canadian television here. Video clips of the 2012 competition in Chile will be available on the WWGP website over the course of the event.
Camblin, a fixture on the professional kayaking scene himself, visited Chile five years ago to take on Chile’s Río Futaleufú and Río Baker, considered two of the world’s premier big water runs. The experience left a lasting impression.
“It is still one of my favorite trips and one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever had the privilege of visiting,” Camblin said.
Chile’s river’s have unforgettable experiences to offer all skill levels of kayakers – not just the pros. From seawater kayaking, which can provide opportunities to get up-close to whales and dolphins, to more gentle rivers which can be a great place for beginners to enjoy the sport, Chile offers a variety of opportunities for travelers in all parts of the country.
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