Top producer talks up plans for Chilean mine rescue movie

Mike Medavoy, who spent 10 years growing up in Chile, made a successful
bid for the film after talking with the miners and their lawyers.


Mike Medavoy has told Canada’s National Post that the feature film he is producing on the 2010 rescue of the 33 trapped Chilean miners is the highest profile project that he has worked on in recent years.

The leading Hollywood producer has worked on a number of highly successful films including One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Rocky, Annie Hall and Black Swan. But he says his next film has the added weight of expectation, after millions of people around the world followed the dramatic story as it broke last year.

“There’s actually a lot of pressure for me to do this, to do it right. Because there are a lot of competing interests,” he said in the interview with the National Post.

career is filled with doing the right thing for the right reason with
the right people. There’s been 315 movies and there’s been a book that
basically describes my view of them — 100 great ones, 100 good ones and
100 I should have been shot for. I just hope that this one doesn’t end
up in that [last] category.”

Medavoy, who spent a decade of his youth in Chile
before moving to the United States, bought the rights to the film for
an undisclosed sum earlier this year following talks with the miners and their lawyers.

“I made the point that I thought I was the best equipped and suited to make this movie,”
he said in the interview. “Of course the fact that I’ve had the career
that I’ve had, the fact that I’ve been in Chile and they know that, I
think gives them some confidence that I won’t do a disservice to the

Medavoy hopes to shoot the film on location in Chile but the actors will speak in English. The producer expects the film will be ready for release in 2013

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