Tourism and Wine in Isla de Maipo

Supported by government agencies, entrepreneurs in the fields of handicrafts, gastronomy and vineyards in this community near the capital got together to make tourism a driving force for the development of the local economy.


Known as an area mainly dedicated to agriculture and viticulture, at Isla de Maipo –just a few miles away from Santiago– you can enjoy a variety of Chilean customs and traditions. And to attract even more sightseers to this area from year to year, a group of its major entrepreneurs decided to launch a combined Tourism and Wineproject.

Supported by the government agencies ChileEmprende and Sercotec, this project is a trade platform for the tourist, commercial and cultural attractions offered by the community of Isla de Maipo and its surroundings. In total, it brings together 11 entrepreneurs linked to the spheres of gastronomy, equestrian spectacles, local heritage sites, viticulture, bee-keeping, craftsmanship and flower-growing.

«Our mission is to place the “Tourism and Wine” project in a privileged position within our regional context, highlighting the typical Chilean characteristics and rural essence of our surroundings, which are accessible only a few minutes away from Santiago”, states the official website, which also emphasizes the support received from the Universidad del Pacífico through the Center for Competitiveness of its Business and Marketing Faculty.

The main challenge faced by this project was to change the historic denomination of “Routes of the Sun” to this new name, as well as to identify and implement new tourism circuits, redesign the brand/target image of the territory, make proposals for a communications plan and conduct a survey of the tourist attractions available in the territory. The sole purpose is to increase tourism in the area and transform it into a driving force for the development of the local economy.

And it has already been successful. The initiative has led to a 50% increase in sales over the past six months, and has also been granted awards to transfer its knowledge to the island of Chiloé and to Spain.

Thus, all year round Tourism and Wine invites lovers of Chilean rural life to experience  its tradition, folklore and customs. This can be achieved by participating in the regional fairs and festivities that are held in the area and its surroundings through different tourist packages or Fam Tours.

The possibilities are numerous. Among the most popular packages are: A Day in the Country; Organic Wines and Chilean Horses; Wines of Isla de Maipo; Chilean Folklore, Gastronomy and Tradition; Heritage, Wines and Horses; Delights, Traditions and Fruits of Isla de Maipo.

There is a Tourist Information Center located in the center of town that gathers together and sells the most select products of the area, such as crafts, wine, apiculture products (honey, propolis, royal jelly, among others) as well as gourmet items.