Tourism in Chile functioning normally after earthquake in country’s extreme north

After a formal assessment by Chile’s Secretary of Tourism and National Tourism Service (Sernatur), than 90% of the country’s tourism destinations are functioning normally.


In agreement with official reports by the central government, on April 1 an earthquake of magnitude 8.2 struck the extreme north of the country. The epicenter was approximately 1800 kilometers from the capital Santiago, impacting principalmente the cities of Arica and Iquique, which are situated in the Arica and Parinacota and Tarapaca regions, respectively.

After the earthquake as  a preventative measure, authorities ordered an evacuation of the Chilean coast for the possible risk of a tsunami. The alert stayed in effect until midnight, after which it was determined that coastal areas were no longer facing risk and was rescinded.  Government entities, the general public, and tourism providers located along Chile’s coast are well-prepared for this type of situation and ready to react calmly, orderly, and quickly, as directed by authorities.
Chilean tourism destinations from the Antofagasta Region to the extreme south of the country have not been affected and under normal operation. Areas such as San Pedro de Atacama and its surroundings, Bahía Inglesa, Caldera, La Serena, Valle del Elqui, and all others in the region, are functioning under normal conditions.
In the central region of the country, destinations such as Santiago and its surroundings, Valparaiso and the various valleys and wine routes of the Central Valley are with all services functioning normally and have not been affected.
Destination in the country’s south such as O’Higgins, Maule, Bío Bío, Araucanía, Los Ríos, Los Lagos, and the Chilean Patagonia, which is the location of Torres del Paine National Park, are completely operational and with normal function.
Connectivity by air
The airports throughout the country are completely operational and under normal function, including Arturo Merino Benítez in Santiago, Chile’s principal and largest airport.
The airports in the areas impacted by the earthquake, which are located near the cities of Arica and Iquique, are functioning. Although we recommend that visitors traveling in the extreme north of the country check for the latest flight information directly with their airlines, as itinerarios may have changed to accommodate flights cancelled Tuesday night.
Connectivity by land
From the Antofagasta south, all roads are under normal function.
In the Arica and Parinacota and Tarapaca Regions, the Minister of Public Works is still evaluating the conditions of roads and highways, with updates arriving throughout the day and evening. The latest updates can be found at
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