Tourism in Chile up 15 percent in 2012

The Subsecretary of Tourism confirmed that the country’s marketing efforts have paid off. 

Tourism in Chile is up by 15% in the first half of this year, compared with the same period in 2011. More than 1,850,000 travelers visited this long country between the Andes and the Pacific, with the majority of tourists hailing from Argentina, Brazil and Peru.
The highest number of visitors to the country hailed from Argentina, with nearly 780,000 tourists, representing a 26% increase since last year. “Brazil showed a 27% increase in tourists coming to the country and Colombia has also shown solid growth with a 30% increase over last year,” commented Subsecretary of Tourism Jacqueline Plass. She added that just in June, the Brazilian market outperformed last year with a rise of 35%.
In total, Argentine tourists made up 42% of total visitors to Chile, followed by Peru and Brazil at 9.6% each and Bolivia at 9.2%.
Despite the economic crisis in Europe, European tourists kept travelling. The market remained healthy with nearly 215,000 visitors, a 5.1% increase over last year. The North American market grew by 3.1%, with nearly 150,000 visitors touching down.
The positive figures come at a time when Chile is actively expanding its presence as a world tourist destination. As subsecretary Plass commented,  “We’re seeing the fruit of promotional work by the government and the private sector in markets we’ve defined as priorities, Argentina, Brazil, the United States, Spain, England, France, Germany, Peru, Colombia and Australia, through marketing tactics aimed at commercial channels, final consumers, fairs, events and press visits.”
With the flourishing tourist industry, the country’s main tourism office, SERNATUR, is growing its online presence with this website, which is available in six languages and receives around 70,000 hits monthly.
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