Trade publications hails Chile as top investment destination

A strong growth rate, stability and a market orientated economy among the attributes that make Chile great for business, says Dutch publication.

Forecasters, advisors and forwards thinkers are lining up to recommend doing business in Chile, it seems.

The Andean nation was highlighted as one of the top investment destinations for this year and the foreseeable future by online publication Rotterdam Week, in conjunction with international consultancy Atlantico Business Development, as part of the annual World’s Best for Business roundup.

The list, says Rotterdam Week, is not a prediction, but rather an assessment of the best place to do business based on objective criteria being observed now. The key is low-risk, dependable markets.

As a result, the criteria eschews dangerous, high risk destinations in favor of “well governed, stable and mostly democratic countries with free, market friendly and growing economies.”

And Chile meets those requirements, earning it a place in the top 15 alongside economic powerhouses such as the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom and Brazil.

“With a growth rate of 4.5 – 4.9 percent over the next two years, with 18 million people that own an average US$ 16,000 of the country’s GDP, this stable democracy and market-oriented economy is poised to join the league of First World countries,” reads the article.

Another valuable asset for the Andean nation is its strong trading relationships and vast number of FTAs.

“As a Pacific country Chile is also a close trading ally of the United States, the world’s leader for many years to come,” says Rotterdam Week.

This latest endorsement comes on the back of numerous positive appraisals in 2013. In November, the World Bank singled Chile out for the ease of doing business in the country, ranking it 34 out of 189 nations — the highest in Latin America.

The month before that, Forbes also joined the chorus of voices calling Chile the best place for business in the region.