Travelers and bloggers describe Chile in their own words

What is it that draws so many travelers to Chile. . . and turns them into passionate proselytizers of this faraway country?  

As word gets out and doors are increasingly opened to the rest of the world, Chile has become home to what is now a small army of freelance, English-language travel writers and bloggers.
These on-the-ground writers offer an authentic insight into traveling and living at the bottom of the world, in the shadow of the Andes. So what is it that draws them here, and why do they stay?
In an article by The Joys of Traveling, three avid travelers outline a select five adjectives to try to sum up what it was that drew them to Chile. Here are the adjectives they chose:
“Few places have the magic and charm that Chile is able to provide,” say the writers. According to them, it is the sheer diversity of the country that make it stand out from the pack.
On the mainland, that diversity ranges from the Atacama desert in the north, through the mediterranean coasts, renowned vineyards, cosmopolitan cities and Andean ski-resorts of the central regions, to the fjords and glaciers of the Patagonian south.
And then there are the Pacific islands, “veritable gardens of Eden” according to the article: Juan Fernández, whose isolated beauty and fascinating history inspired the story of Robinson Crusoe, and Easter Island, whose iconic stone statues still ignite the imagination of millions.
The snow-capped Parinacota volcano, rising from the shores of the desert lake Chungará to an altitude of over 5,000 feet. . . beautiful? We think so too.
It isn’t just the natural beauty of the country that stands out for these writers, but its people as well.
“Be prepared to encounter a fabulous experience of life, enjoying the delicious and hearty meals in Chile, the warmth of a fireplace and enjoy the camaraderie and good humor of these people, of course not forgetting the great wines that are a must-have on any respectable dinner table.”
And while there are still a few months of warm weather in store for Chile before fireplaces around the country are cleaned out, there is a wine for every occasion and temperature in Chile.
One of the most seismically active country in the world, Chile is a country of change and dynamism.
But for The Joys of Traveling, it is the country’s devotion to its traditions and its cultural, archaeological and religious heritage that stands out.
And don’t think those religious traditions are just confined to the dominant Catholic faith; they also include the folklore of the Chiloé archipelago, as well as religious festivals that incorporate Chile’s indigenous cultures.
From the nightlife and dining of the cultural capitals like Santiago and Valparaíso, to the warm hospitality of the rural regions, The Joys of Traveling contends that pleasure is something to be encountered throughout the length and breadth of this secluded Andean nation.
At This is Chile, we couldn’t agree more..
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