TV star whips Jaguar F-TYPE through Chile’s Atacama in new ad

Damian Lewis, star of HBO hit series Homeland, features in ‘Desire’, a short film cum advertisement for the new Jaguar shot in the Atacama Desert and San Pedro.

With three screen stars in the cast, a running time of just over 13 minutes, and the tagline “A story of betrayal, retribution, passion and greed,” short film Desire is not your usual car commercial.

Ridley Scott Associates is behind this incredibly elaborate advertisement that showcases the new Jaguar F-TYPE screaming through Chile’s Atacama Desert.

The plot follows a sharply dressed, Bond-esque Brit, played by actor Damian Lewis, as he shuttles a brand new Jaguar through the desert to be delivered to an undisclosed owner. An unfortunate turn of events sees him caught up in a high-octane marital fight — complete with bullets and car chases — between wife (Shannyn Sossamon, A Knight’s Tale) and husband (Jordi Mollá, Bad Boys II).

Initially launched on YouTube where it it has close to 200,000 hits, Desire was also screened at last month’s Sundance London 2013 festival.

«It sort of fell into my lap,» Golden Globe nominee Lewis told The Hollywood Reporter. «I’ve never done anything for the online market before, and I just thought it was cool to work with Ridley Scott and [director] Adam Smith. I thought the script had a kind of nod to the Americana that you find in the Coen brothers’ movies

Northern Chile’s surreal Atacama Desert steals large parts of the show, with sweeping shots over the blood-red canyon-land of Valle de la Luna, and a car chase that runs through the quaint desert outpost of San Pedro.

Over the years, numerous films, documentaries, and fashion photo shoots have taken place in the otherworldly landscape of the Atacama, though taking advantage of its stunning visuals means getting used to the extreme environment.

«It’s dry as hell,» Lewis said. «Dust and sand and dirt get into your eyes, and your lips crack. As a redhead, I stood there occasionally thinking, ‘Wow, I really wasn’t designed for the desert.’ But it is an extraordinary landscape to shoot in