TV thriller from Chile hits North American airwaves

The celebrated Chilean television program “Prófugos” is the first-ever HBO Latino production from the Andean nation.

The first season of the action-packed TV series “Prófugos” (Fugitives), directed by acclaimed Chilean filmmaker Pablo Larraín, is now airing in households throughout the United States thanks to HBO Latino.
The 13 episodes of the first season, which was filmed entirely in Chile for HBO Latinoamérica,  began airing in North America on HBO Latino, HBO Go, and HBO On Demand on September 24. This is the first time a Chilean television production has been featured on HBO Latino, a network that caters to Spanish speakers in the United States. The series was originally  broadcast in Chile last fall.
“Prófugos” is a suspense-packed thriller that follows a failed drug trafficking operation on the border between Bolivia and Chile. The series features four protagonists with distinct personalities and a complicated web of ambitions.
Award-winning Chilean director and producer Pablo Larraín directed the thirteen episodes of Prófugos, along with Venezuelan director Jonathan Jakubowicz. Larraín is the director of “No”, a film set in Chile in the 1980s starring Gael García Bernal that won the Art Cinema Prize at Cannes Film Festival and has gained extensive praise from the international film community.
In addition, celebrated Chilean actor Francisco Reyes stars and co-produces the series. Reyes described the challenges of filming on-location in the Atacama Desert to The Huffington Post.
“The series took three months to get ready and six months to film. It was a very demanding experience, physically and in terms of giving your all: working in extreme conditions far away, in different locations along 2,500 kilometers (1,550 miles) of desert and mountains,» said Reyes.
According to Reyes, the series features a wide range of Chile’s beautiful and diverse terrain.
“You can see magnificent landscapes. Chile is a country that allows you to go from the most arid desert to the forest,” he told La Tercera.
Keep an eye out for the second season of “Prófugos”, which is currently in production.