Two Chilean bands on ‘Top 10 Latin Alternative Albums Of 2012’

Albums from Ana Tijoux and Astro impress the hosts of Alt.Latino, one of the United States’ most popular Latin American music radio shows.

Many records were released in the United States from Latin America in 2012, but only 10 could make the list of Alt.Latino’s 10 favorite albums of the year – and bands from Chile were awarded an impressive two of the 10 spots.
Alt.Latino is the weekly Latin alternative music radio show of National Public Radio in the U.S. Hosts Jasmine Garsd and Felix Contreras are a knowledgeable duo that love Latin alternative music, and for them, Ana Tijoux’s album La Bala and Astro’s Astro were two of the best albums of the year.
Ana Tijoux – La Bala
The Ana Tijoux album La Bala impressed Garsd with its powerful lyrics and mature sound. La Bala is in the running for a Grammy for best Latin Alternative, Urban or Rock album; her 2010 release 1977 was also nominated for the same prestigious award. For Garsd, La Bala takes Tijoux’s sound a step further.
“Although Tijoux has always been stellar, La Bala finds her conquering the tribulations put on display in her previous record, 1977; she now stands confident enough to fire shots at whoever gets in her way,” Garsd wrote about Alt.Latino’s picks for ‘Top 10 Latin Alternative Albums Of 2012’.
Furthermore, Garsd views 2012 as the year of the revival of socially conscious South American music, with Tijoux a leader in the movement.
“In the years to come, artists like Chile’s Ana Tijoux will be seen as seminal for the way they helped bring about a resurgence of the genre.”
Astro – Astro
Garsd also describes how the electro-pop sound of Santiago band Astro’s debut album has been keeping her on her feet.
“When I first heard Chilean indie-pop band Astro, my body reacted as if struck by lightning; before I could tell you what the lyrics were saying, my hips were rolling in my seat,” Garsd wrote.
“Astro’s self-titled debut is one of my favorite records of the last few years – infectiously cheery, light-hearted and danceable”.
While 2012 was undoubtedly a great year for Chilean alternative music, we can’t wait to hear what great sounds will come out of Chile in 2013!