Two National Athletes Create a New Trail Route in Castillo Hill

New trail running talents set an unprecedented record

Cerro Castillo
Imagen: Alta Comunicación

The athletes Max Keith (26) and Moisés Jiménez (24) created a new trail in one of the most demanding and incredible places of southern Chile. They were able to set a precedent by creating this demanding route in a time never registered before: they ran 55 kilometers (34 miles) in 6 hours and 27 minutes, according to the North Face press release, brand sponsoring the athletes.

“This route has everything necessary to become one of the most incredible circuits of Chile: perfect single tracks for running, mountain passes with snow, unsteady sediment, and water. Water all over the route, which makes doing the route with only one bottle of water possible – I could even venture doing it without one and I’m sure I wouldn’t lack water,” Max Keith comments in the same document.

The joy and excitement of these two young athletes couldn’t be bigger after venturing in Castillo Hill, Aysén region, and opening a new route. The preparation and planification days were many and intense, but finished in an unprecedented achievement for them. They went over the 55 kilometers trying not to lose a minute, in which they practically never spoke: “The day we set the record, everything was so intense that we may have said 10 words in almost 7 hours of trail running,” states the athlete.

A Route that has it all

The athletes did not doubt to explore and venture what was new. After planning the expedition for weeks, they started a trip that, at first, seemed very difficult. Their mission was to establish a new route and leave it standardized, so that the ones who wanted to follow it would have a means of comparison. Keith and Jiménez say that, in general, the route could have been done in 2 or 3 days, but they needed only 6 hours and 27 minutes to accomplish the feat.

In spite of the fact that the climate would have seemed to make the route more difficult, there was a window of good weather after waiting for days. They didn’t hesitate and decided to venture to the hill to try to set the record, since the weather in Coyhaique city had been unstable the past weeks. They started the route from Horquetas sector by midday.


Horquetas Grandes – Guarda Parques: 1h 10min
Guarda Parques – El Peñón Pass: 55min
El Peñón Pass – La Paloma Lake: 1h 15min
La Paloma Lake – Campamento Chileno: 1h 44min
Campamento Chileno – Villa Castillo: 1h 23min