Universidad de Chile celebrates 167 years of existence

The latest anniversary of the country’s main academic institution was marked by ceremonies in honor of distinguished professionals who studied in its classrooms.


The 167th anniversary of the Universidad de Chile was celebrated in a ceremony held in the academic institution’s Hall of Honor. High-ranking government officials attended the event, including Government Spokeswoman Carolina Tohá and former President of the Republic Patricio Aylwin, who graduated from the institution.

During the event, University President Victor Perez noted the educational progress that Chile has made in recent decades to gain a perspective of the future with concrete short and medium term measures that will allow the country to attain a world class level.

At the official ceremony the Presidential Medal was awarded to National Prize winners and former students at the House of Bello: Federico Assler, winner of the National Prize for Fine Arts; Journalism Prize winner María Olivia Monckeberg, Education Prize winner Mario Leyton, Humanities and Social Sciences Prize winner Agustín Squella, and Ricardo Baeza, winner of the National Prize for Exact Sciences.

Likewise, the event acknowledged the work of various full professors. A book about the history of the university was handed out at the end of the event.

Founded in 1842, the Universidad de Chile is the country’s most prestigious and oldest institution for higher education. It received international recognition in the 2009 Webometrics ranking, which considered it the best in Chile, fourth in Latin America, and 229th in the world.