Universidad de La Frontera

The Universidad de La Frontera (UFRO) started as an autonomous institution on March 10, 1981, from a merger of the local campuses of Universidad Técnica del Estado and Universidad de Chile, that operated at that time in the city of Temuco.


It is the only State University located in the Araucanía Region-, which provides the opportunity to fully assume the social responsibility inherent to this condition, by becoming the main referent in the region’s university activity. In its 28 years of development it has substantially improved its human resource qualification, increased and diversified its academic activities, strengthened its training programs, generating consolidated research groups and rising as a significant landmark in the area, evidenced in its five-year accreditation status in all areas.

Academic programs

Today, Universidad de La Frontera regularly  imparts 38 undergraduate careers , 6 doctoral programs, 28 Master’s programs and 26 specialty programs in its four faculties: Medicine, Engineering, Sciences and Administration; Education and Humanities; and Agricultural and Forestry Sciences. Apart from its interdisciplinary institutes: Agribusiness, Environment, Local and Regional Development, Indigenous Studies and Educational Information Technologies, and Centers of Excellence: Reproductive Biotechnology, Scientific and Training Modeling and Computing, Research and Evidence-based Health Management. Worthy of notice also is the Bioresource Scientific Nucleus, that brings together research and graduate studies in this priority line of our University. It has approximately 7,500 students in its regular undergraduate programs and 500 in its postgraduate programs.

Address: Avenida Francisco Salazar 01145, Temuco
Phone: 56-45-325000
Fax: 56-45-592822
Contact: Dr. Berta Schnettler Morales
Position: Director of International Cooperation
E-mail: dircpi@ufro.cl
Phone: 56-45-325059

Website: www.ufro.cl