Universidad del Pacifico

The Universidad del Pacifico focuses on comprehensive training; the preparation of professionals for the 21st century, with knowledge and skills tailored to the high demands of a globalized world.

Professional principles and moral values based on Christian humanism, and psychologically open and trained to develop their creative potential.

The University is home to the different schemes of thought; respecting all faiths, careers, nationalities, and promotes academic and student exchange at the highest level with foreign universities, thus opening a world of possibilities in the international arena. The above constitutes the seal of the Universidad del Pacifico as a solid and innovative institution that projects itself into the future.

Academic programs

Colleges and careers

-Faculty of Business and Marketing: Sales Engineering

-Faculty of Humanities and Education: Pedagogy in Pre-School Education, General Primary Education, Pedagogy in Secondary Education History and Social Sciences, in Physical Education, Social Work, Psychology

-Faculty of Communications: Advertising, Journalism, Public Relations, Management and Production of Events, Photography, Digital Communication, Multimedia, Music and Technology

-Faculty of Design: Graphic Design, Costume and Textile Design,  Interior Design

-School of Agronomy – School of Veterinary Medicine – School of Nursing

Website: www.upacifico.cl
Address: Avenida  Las Condes, Santiago
Phone: (562) 862 5369
Contact: John Cowell
Position: Director of International Relations
E-mail: jcowell@upacifico.cl
Phone: (562) 862 5369